The Energy Of October

In some capacity, every one of us is affected by the changing energies that autumn brings with it.

This passage was inspired tonight by a deep conversation with a very close friend.

fall_1“October… The season to shed what is dead. This month is one where spirits are highly present, sense of self becomes unequivocally high and stock is taken for that which we really need in life to sustain us. Leaves will begin to turn vibrantly into their prime just before they die. In many ways, we as humans echo this by the emotions and sensations that we feel. We tend to withdraw, some experience low immunity due to change, and others become emotionally stewed.


October is like the supernova of our calendar year. Explosions of colour, emotion, ideas, visions and recognition of needs. An uncomfortable dispersion of homeostasis and certainty of what was just shortly ago. Energy, once concentrated, is now everywhere as we search for protection; elemental and even deeper still. An unbecoming and evolution from expired existence of matter, habit and energy, into a disconcerting eruption. What is left? The peace and calming which, just shortly, will come from the floating stardust, cycling into new creation.” – Cassandra McIntyre

Whether you feel sick, emotional, needy or inspired to make change, you probably feel a shift in pespective that perfectly mimmicks the theme of fall; release the outdated and unnecessary energies and make way for new experiences…



Protein Pancake Recipe! LCHF

Who says that you can’t have a low carb pankcake? Here’s a decadent recipe that will keep your savoury-sweet tooth satiated during your carbohydrate downcycle..


Dry Ingredients:

1 Scoop New Zealand Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

1 Scoop Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder

1 Tablespoon Physllium Husk Powder

1.5 Tablespoon Natural Coconut Flour

1/2 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder

Pinch of Baking Soda


Wet Ingredients:

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1 Whole Egg + 1 Egg White

1 Tablespoon Smashed Avocado

1 Tablespoon 14% Grassfed & Organic Sour Cream

1 Tablespoon Walden Farms Pancake Syrup (Yes, in the batter!)


Mix Dry ingredients in a bowl, followed by wet ingredients. Preheat pan to medium-high heat, and give roughly 2 minutes on either side before plating with a dallop of sour cream and Walden Farms pancake syrup. Serves two.


LCHF Macronutrient Ratios(entire mixture):

Net Carb: 4g

Protein: 43g

Fat: 20g


Bon Appetit.



Just How Crucial is Phasing and Planning a Fitness Program?

Thriving with your fitness requires  a great deal of deliberation and phasing in order to see continuous, healthy and positive results of body composition as well as physical ability.

Educating yourself and applying the philosophy of fitness program phasing will keep you in the positive margin of progress.



Designing a fitness program, which provides continuous improvement in body composition and ability requires the use of principal, identity of self / current ability, as well as constant review through assessment.  This will require a considerable level of commitment and initiative, although this is certainly not disconcerting when compared with the risk of losing the progress of your hard work. It is indeed possible to not only hit a plateau, but see a declining fitness level if you continue with the same routine for long enough. Learning and putting to use the philosophy of phasing your training plan will help you improve upon low fitness levels or weaknesses as well as progress and maintain high fitness levels.


Phase 1: Systemic Acquaintance (Beginner or Rehabilitation of poor habits)

In this phase, you will build a basic fitness level, adapt to the body’s movement patterns and build your systemic ability. Systemic acquaintance involves improving the response and integrity of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and neurological systems. The digestive and lymphatic systems will also benefit. Do not be intimidated, though! A well plotted fitness routine will cover all of these areas naturally.

In your fitness program, you will need to start by learning and incorporating the body’s 7 primal movement patterns (curated by Paul Chek). These movements are the Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull, Bend, Twist and Gait (hip and leg movement such as running). Learning and advancing with proper form technique is imperative to strengthen the body safely and prevent future injury. In the first phase, efforts of medial stature will present themselves as high intensity, relative to your fitness level. Assessing and detecting weak points of movement is crucial now and so corrective or rehabilitative movements are necessary at this time, before building further within those motions.

Your body needs a base of exercise and healthy nutrition before it is strong enough to handle high intensity workload. This phase will improve the integrity of bones and connective tissue, build strong muscle fibers, strengthen the relationship between the heart and lungs for the purpose of oxygen distribution and waste exhalation. Lastly it will familiarize neurotransmitters with movement requests.  By approximately 4-6 weeks; when your bones, muscles and connective tissue are stronger, your ability to use oxygen is improved, and your neurotransmitters are firing faster- you will be healthily equipped to reach phase two.


Phase 2: Uptaking Intensity (Intermediate – 4 weeks)

In this phase, it is time to uptake relative intensity. Movements which have been previously posed as a challenge are now more familiar, beaconing  the opportunity to progress.  Why? Because after roughly 4-6 weeks of a fitness routine (6 weeks only applying to a staggered begginer phase), the body adjusts, and contunuing with the same plan will be met with a progress plateau or, if enough time elapses, negative detraining effects- meaning an actual decline in fitness levels.

An uptake of intensity can be achieved through various means, such as adding additional weight, faster speed, making adjustments to the manner of movement and more. The way in which you uptake intensity will depend on your personal fitness levels and capabilities (*Have you successfully rehabilitated faulty movement patterns? If not, do not progress them!) as well as goals. Focus on getting stronger by building lean muscle mass, working functionally on all plains of movement and improving your cardio vascular capacity (preferably with shorter, more intense sessions over long-period steady state training). Body fat loss and an increase in systemic integrity will naturally follow.


Phase 3: (Intermediate – Advanced – Athletic)

Pahse 3 is the last one listed; this phase will be repeated every 4 weeks with new progressions and goal focuses. In this phase, the objective is to keep relative intensity and effort appropriately high in order to continue on an upward trend of fitness progression.  It is a time to build on corrected weaknesses, to become more lean and to clarify more specific outcomes which will be measured after each phase.

The role of rest, nutrition and proper execution 

Although these topics are beyond the scope of this specific article, the following needs to be noted: A fitness program needs to be matched with adequate and proper nutrition, it should include accute variance of intensity and rest in order to recover the muscles fully and to see optimal benefit (planned within a ‘microcycle’ or week of each phase) and lastly, it should be executed from a standpoint of knowledge, formulated format and consideration of abilities as well as limitations. If any of these areas are unclear, seek out the aid of a health and fitness professional, such as a personal trainer or nutritionist.

Now that you are equipped with the former information, you are in the right mindframe to start your fitness program in a manner which drastically decreases risk of injury and equally increases your chances for success for accomplishing your goals. Also in affect is the ability to optimize and sustain your body’s systemic health, wellness and ability long into the future. Seek out any assistance you need, set a plan and the rest is up to you!


Consultation Services

Service Description Pricing
Home Gym Design By Consultation
Consulting Package(Flexible) Includes Lifestyle Assessment, Exercise and Fitness Program, Nutrition and Meal Planning & 2 months of General Consulting Service. Contact
General Consulting Service (Monthly) Have your health, nutrition and fitness questions answered. Learn more about exercises, supplementation, the human body / its operation and more. Contact
Nutrition and Meal Planning Have a layout of what nutrients your meals should consist of, as well as planned ideas to fit the criteria. Weekly format. Contact
Exercise and Fitness Program A detailed outline of weekly workouts tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact
Lifestyle Assessment The LA service provides you with deep insight of how to optimize multiple areas of your lifestyle for your goals as well as health considerations. Contact


Gain Upper Body Strength Quick: Doorway Pull-Up Challenge

How can you gain upper-body strength in record time?

With the Doorway Pull-Up Challenge…


The Rules:

Place a door-mounted pull-up bar at a doorway which you frequent; such as a bathroom, kitchen or hall. Every time you pass the doorway, perform a minimum of 2 pull-ups. Vary your grip every time!

Not at a full pull up yet? Start by training the eccentric or “negative” phase of the exercise. This means you will jump and hold the top of the pull-up, lowering down in a slow and controlled manner. This will help you build up to a full pull up.


The pull-up is an excellent workout of the back (Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Rhomboid muscles), shoulders (Posterior Deltoid muscles), arms(Biceps muscles) and chest (Pectoralis major and minor muscles).

Simplest Calorie-Cutting Tips

Throughout the day, there are many ways that anyone can avoid unnecessary calorie intake.

Check out these habit-forming tips that will allow you to avoid excess calories!



1. Track your food intake!

Tracking what you eat daily, whether using a generalized journal or a detailed account, will help you be aware of the food you consume daily. Suddenly, you will be more conscious of the levels of fat, protein and carbs you consume, ushering the opportunity to make positive changes. The phone app “Myfitnesspal” is so handy for tracking your nutrition (and activity habits) on the go. It also offers a forum where you can communicate with an expansive community of health-conscious individuals:


2.  Cut sugar intake wherever possible.

Sugar intake has a huge impact on the human body. Since any elevated level of glucose(sugar) is toxic in the bloodstream, the body will rapidly respond by releasing insulin hormone, which shunts the  majority of the sugar molecule into fat cells for storage. This can occur mainly from the carbohydrate sources of starch and sugar; affecting hormone levels, insulin sensitivity, body adiposity and energy levels. Talk about a rollercoaster ride! Therefore, it is important to be careful and considerate when consuming sugars and starches, looking for mainly unrefined sources. Cut out the sweet drinks and additives, consider healthier food choices and moderate your fruit intake.


3. Moderate, do not eliminate, your fat intake.

Fats are a staple of the human diet, and although they should be eaten in moderation they should never be excluded. Omega 3 fatty acids (APA, DHA & EPA: Think coldwater fish, eggs, nuts & seeds) are crucial for a slew of bodily operations not limited to neurological function, lowering blood triglyceride levels, anti-inflammation and affecting satiety after a meal. Omega 6 and 9 are required in much smaller amounts. If you have consumed nearly 30% of your daily calories from fats, which clock in at 9 kcalories (fancy term for: calorie), you need to step more towards vegetable-based nutrition, avoiding any oils or animal products. Grilling, baking and sauteing can all be done without the addition of oil.


4. Choose nutrient-dense foods.

Nutrient-dense foods are not necessarily low calorie, although they will provide a range of high-quality micro and macro nutrients to your diet, requiring less intake. In other words, avoid foods that do not hold much purpose in the way of health, including: 100-calorie snack packs, refined flours, overcooked foods, high sugar drinks and the obvious junk foods.


These tips will have you on your way to a more optimal diet plan and nutritional outlook in no time! Habits require constant attention before they come naturally to you, although soon enough your healthy food choices will be second-nature.

Preventing Loose Skin During Weight Loss and Pregnancy

Loose skin post weight loss or pregnancy is a daunting notion for many as they tread forward down the road of fitness and recovery.

Educated prevention is always the best medicine…

happy weight loss


During weight loss, one of the main concerns experienced is knowing if the skin will bounce back to its optimal tightness along the way. Although there is a wide spectrum of weight loss from extreme to moderate, which will also have an effect on the skin’s ultimate elasticity, there are additional factors anyone can practice to enhance the skin’s ability to rebound.

External Factors

Cold showers: 
    Showering in cold water is a great step towards gaining and repairing your skin’s elasticity. The cold temperature causes blood to flow to the surface of the skin, and also causes contraction of the skin. The crucial, healthy natural oils produced by your body can survive a cold wash, where hot temperatures greatly diminish these oils on a subsurface level. Cold showers are great in the morning to awaken with blood pumping, or post workout to mitigate muscular stress as well as cool off. Surely this habit is one that hot shower lovers will need time to ritualize, but the benefits greatly outweigh the comfort of a steamy rinse.

Note: Cold showers at night might keep you awake- Stick to any time before 7 pm.

    Replenishing your skin with extra moisture is a ritual that everyone should follow at least once a day, and always directly  post-shower. Choosing natural alternative lotions or oils can make a positive impact on the health of your skin by avoiding any harsh chemicals or parabens that are known to damage the skin among other health adversities.

Coconut oil, on its own or in conjunction with other natural lotion or ‘butter’, is a miracle worker on virtually all skin types- head to toe. Its antibacterial/ anti inflammatory properties, as well as its vitamin and mineral density make coconut oil a topical haven for recovering skin. Apply this oil lightly to skin after every shower.

    Massaging your skin at least two times weekly will help your skin to tighten and adapt to your body’s compositional changes. Massages greatly improve blood flow to surface fascial areas which may otherwise have poor circulation. This allows the lymph nodes to drain toxins into the bloodstream for excretion, thus improving the health of these neglected areas and lessening the inflammatory response from said toxins. The use of a natural lotion or oil during massage also increases the skin’s elasticity and topical absorption of the product’s nutrients, necessary of optimal skin health.

A self massage may be performed with your hand or smooth palm-sized stone (or other natural massaging utensil), or with a massage therapist. If you are performing a self-massage, be sure to use a natural oil or lotion. The kneading technique for loose / adipose-dense areas is a firm press / small circular motion. These areas are sensitive to any pulling of the skin, so this should be avoided. Start by kneading your hands, then your arms and legs. Lastly, massage your full torso as thoroughly as possible and end with your feet. After a shower is usually the best time for a self massage.

Internal Factors

Sufficient and Proper Nutrition:
In order for your body to adjust to the various changes it experiences during weight loss or pregnancy it is crucial to augment the diet to contain nutrient dense, healthy foods. Intaking a wide range of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats), in proper proportion, complemented with generous water consumption will keep the body satisfied, running smoothly and in the most prime mode for reparation and adjustment. Although it can be argued that vitamin A, E and D top the list of importance, all nutrients do work synergistically, and therefore the most healthful and effective results will come to fruition by taking a comprehensive look at your eating habits as a whole. Limit your intake of processed foods, which often times are full of “empty” energy, leaving your body’s operating system ever hungry for the nutrients it lacks. Eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit, choosing a copious spectrum of natural colours for various benefits. Supplementation of nutrients such as Co Enzyme Q10 (or Ubiquinol, the more metabolically available version of Co Q10 for those 45+ years of age), protein and a general multivitamin can really boost your body’s response to weight loss and aid in full systemic health including the skin.

Muscular Strength Through Resistance Training:
Strength training during weight loss is key for bodily adjustment. A balanced regimen of cardiovascular and resistance (strength) training optimizes the body’s systemic health. A muscular body has a wide range of benefits, including better blood circulation and metabolic efficiency since its cells actively burn more calories, even in their off time. The building and maintenance of muscular tissue will also aid in ‘filling the gaps’ of lost adipose tissue, smoothing the skin.

Start Now!
    Age has a considerable effect on the skin’s elasticity. Typically, the body’s hormone production lessens at the age of 50, which closely relates to skin elasticity. Motivate yourself to start your weight loss and skin health regimen as soon as possible to take advantage of your body’s current ability to adjust! For a person of any age, there are ways to enhance the body’s hormone levels naturally through diet and exercise, so it is never too late.

    Adequate rest is crucial to allow your body to recover and maintain optimal function. This means your nightly sleeping as well as a proper rest regime to compliment your training program. During proper sleep, the body produces its peak amounts of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), paramount for the reparation of all bodily tissues- including muscles and skin. Also, having a proper training program which highlights the importance of catabolic and anabolic phases is important to keep hormone levels balanced favourably, including naturally producing and enhancing your body’s HGH. More simply put, the body needs breaks from the stress of training, which can be achieved by cycling muscle groups worked daily, exercise intensity and more.

Shed Smart:
    While the main focus of any weight loss program is obviously to lose as much excess adipose tissue as possible, the concept of pacing is equally important to retain the skin’s elasticity. Once or if your waist measurement reaches 50% or less of your full height, weight loss should be limited to 1-1.5 lbs a week. This will give the body appropriate time to optimize its adjustment to its new found weight loss. As well, pacing yourself will ensure that you do not restrict yourself dietetically or overtrain, both of which result in degenerative effects. If your waist circumference exceeds 50% of standing height, weight loss can be considerably rapid until this point has been reached.


Weight loss of excess adiposity is the journey to the healthiest version of yourself, and, as such,  should be treated as a lifestyle! Trying options that yield temporarily rapid results will only be temporary. Adjust your nutrition, activity levels and self care in a sustainable manner and you will keep the pounds off, feel fantastic and wear the most radiant skin for you in all the years to come.


The Studio

The Persona Fitness Studio…

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Fitness + Cleaning accessories.


PF-cardio PF-elliptical PF-treadmill

Cardio Equipment.

PF-Lighting-showcase PF-showcase

Spacious area for bodyweight training + Beautiful lighting.



PF-Aromatherapy PF-aromadiffusePF-oildiffuse2 PF-oildiffuse3

Top quality pure essential oil of choice diffusing for aromatherpy purposes during sessions.

PF-freeweight PF-accessories2

Accessories varying from freeweights, resistance bands, exercise mats, medicine balls & more…



And a touch of nature.


Experience the exceptional training experience with Persona Fitness today…

Summer: Physical Preparation

Snow may still linger on the ground and in the trees, but spring is in the air.

Now is the perfect time to condition your senses and your body for summertime’s high heat and activity levels.

beach body credit

Summertime is on approach. Water is trickling from sunkissed snowbanks, the birds are chirping and before long, people of all sorts emerge from their conservative, layered hibernation. Spring is known as ‘shredding season’ to many weathered bodybuilders which can really resonate with any person who has accumulated a little extra insulation over the winter. The cold months are also a time when many runners, cyclists and other athletes take an ‘off season’ which is now over. It is time to condition our cardiovascular systems, our muscles and to shed the fat content that no longer serves purpose for us. Today we literally ‘spring forward’ our daily start time to yield more out of the sunny hours. How can we prepare ourselves for the upcoming beach season, athletics and the inevitable high intensity heat?

Make the most out of your mornings.

Since today is the ‘Spring Forward’ into sunnier mornings, take full advantage! Meditate in the morning when you wake up to bring your morning, daily and ultimate goals to the forefront of your mind. Invigorate your spirit. Build a great relationship with your intuition and create accountability for what you can, want to and will do.

Use the mornings to work out as well, after a meditation. Running, flowing through yogic asanas or lifting with the newly risen sun is a pearl of divine enjoyment. Also, your daily energy levels will be high due to the mode you set your body into by invigorating the systems and mind. This really is the start to a trend of accomplishment.

You can revamp the fundamentals of your morning routine by reading more here.

Eat more organically grown fresh, local and raw foods.

Incorporate a generous amount of fresh, raw foods into your diet. Fruit, and an abundance of vegetables with nuts and cold-pressed oils as well as some other healthy starches such as grains create the pinnacle of balance . Reduce the processed foods as much as possible, and where you can, do the processing yourself (example, making your own burgers, salads/ salad dressings, juice etc). The more fresh and raw you replace processed foods with, the higher your energy levels will be. The sooner you can flush your body of toxins that cause inflammatory response/weight gain.
If I may, the better you will smell also.

Spring and summer are an excellent time to buy locally grown food. Search for farmers markets in your area and try to buy the majority of your food from them. Not only is this food the most fresh, but  you are also supporting the growth of ethical food. Many farmers do not have the funds to have their products labeled as organic but talk to the sellers and they will know if anything has been sprayed on the food, what soil is used etc.

Stick to a physical activity routine. Sweat.

Create a routine yourself or with your personal trainer that you can stick to. You should be working out at least 3 days a week to really improve your muscular, cardiovascular, bone and mental health. Create goals and set dates of accomplishment. Try to beat your expected date!

The refreshing detoxification that sweating yields cannot be replaced by diet alone (vice versa: exercising and eating unwell will leave gaping holes in the benefits and progress). Push yourself out of your comfort zone and flourish wholly.

It is so vital to properly nourish yourself in order to heal and regenerate post exercise with the right nutrients.

I may need help with my nutrition. Am I taking too much of something, too little of another? How do I nourish my body based on my needs?

Adequate rest will fully synthesize the process.

Get your home ready.

This is the perfect time to purge your home of blockages into your active transition. Rid your kitchen of the winter comfort foods such as cakes and heavy meat roasts, box up your winteresque interior decorating books and ‘warm and cozy’ cookbooks for the season. Breathe in the nuances of advertised patio sets and outdoor dinner party ideas. Ladies can put their favourite bikini top into their unmentionables drawer for a daily reminder.

Have reusable water bottles at hand, and keep athletic shoes accessible. These subtle steps will mentally prepare you to dive, or keep swimming, into your active, healthy and fresh spring routines.

Plan activities.

Planning activities such as a day with friends and family at the nearest amusement park or beach, playing sports at a local park/field or running a marathon all give affirmative answers the question ‘why’ of bettering our health and physical fitness for the summer- if not all times of year.

Enjoying fun activities with family and friends betters your personal community by promoting light hearted demeanors and healthy accountability. If someone in your personal community needs help with their healthful journey, raise them up with you! Invite them to run with you or introduce them to your trainer or athletic group. The next planned activity will be all the more enjoyable and challenging if there are competitive sport elements.

Take pictures and hang them on your wall. Once one plan is fulfilled, create a new one.

Start your preparation routine as soon as possible so that you may enjoy the beautiful, abundant and warm months for all that they are worth! Experience vigor and intensity in your life, improving your overall health. Your hard work and healthy habits will show at the beach every single year.

Summer will soon be knocking… answer with a readily welcoming smile.

The ‘Om Complex’

Do you live with the Om Complex?

Accomplishing more, having a strong sense of clarity, avoiding useless complications and feeling blissfully content are all telltale signs of living with Om.


Before allowing for poetic relation of Om to your conscious life, understanding it is vital:

Om (aum) is a word of Sanskrit origin which is cited in Hinduism as all encompassing truth, consciousness and bliss. For many living unconsciously, it is the rebirth (unmanifest and manifest) of purpose and superior being. Chanting Om is a verbal manifestation of desire and support of higher consciousness.

“The goal, which all Vedas declare, which all austerities aim at, and which humans desire when they live a life of conscience, I will tell you briefly it is aum” – Stated in Hindu Katha Upanishad

This  may conjure thoughts of “How can this fit into my lifestyle?”, “Why is this important” or “Okay, this sounds right. Now what?”. Maybe you have a physical goal that you need more focus on, your eating habits beg improvement, or you have a lifestyle full of stressors and ailments that feel out of control. Practicing and feeding your ‘Om Complex’ will help you manifest your goals, optimal health and personal intuition in future decisions. Here are some of the signs of practicing Om;

High Rates of Accomplishment

Clarity and purpose mingle in the spotlight and create accomplishment. Once something is known to need accomplishment, a course of action is taken. These people have high sets of focus on their goals and assess the how of their priorities. A plan is determined and fulfilled.

Lets take a quick look into a clear flow chart-like thought process of finding a ‘how’ to fulfill a common priority:

“I need to lose fat and be more physically fit for my future.”
The simple how here is to be more physically active and eat healthily, through active behaviour and oulook.> Details now.> You don’t need to watch that show, and if you really do, get a PVR.> Power walking is free, and a great start.> You don’t love alcohol or deep fried meat as much as you love your family, cut that. Hundreds of calories diminished.> Have a plan. You don’t have time to program your physical and dietary plan? Hire a professional.>>>>> GET IT DONE!


Loving yourself and showing self-respect will gain you the esteem and support of your family and friends. Having ‘Om’ takes the finicky and lesser details and puts them out of the process.

Ultimately, recognising and acting on that which manifests meaning from purpose will become a habit, and you can achieve many great feats.

Living with purpose and passion

With certainty, any person with the ‘Om Complex’ will live their life with intention. They will speak it, act it, sip it and breathe it in. Expect them to vindicate their purpose and passion whence confronted with some force of unreasonable objection.

Details that do not serve your purpose will evaporate like beads of sweat off your skin in the light of your consciousness. 


The complex brings with it a sense of clarity and insight into general life, its purpose, human instances and personal boundaries.  The dedication to purpose (clarity given) breeds fulfillment. Understanding others open-heartedly, known as compassion, removes any ego-driven intent- though an assertive approach is necessary when personal boundaries have been overstepped. Clarity also yields a certain sensitivity. Having the ‘Om Complex’ means being sensitive to ego driven people, destructive situations and other sorts of non-serving situations. Cue assertion.

Relationship Dynamics

Relationships with fellow conscious people will be the absolute strongest. These people are the foundation of pure support for each other: they will be conscious of you, speak truth and partake in blissful experiences with you- selflessly. You will become aware of how and where others belong in your life; be they friends, family or new introductions. Nature dictates that conscious people will gravitate towards others alike, and away from ego driven individuals.

How can I enhance my ability to find and utilise Om?

One can find their Om by first learning the art of simple meditation. Clearing the mind of clutter and noise is necessary before any great personal insight, realization, understanding or action plan can be taken. Start first with finding a quiet, solitary space where you are free and comfortable to sit quietly, adding whichever calmatives such as candles or incense feels right for you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, letting thought escape you. If meditation is new to you, this may be uncomfortable and take some time. Once quiet-mindfulness has been mastered, you may proceed with meditations with specific intention. Focus on the feelings you want to experience through this specific intention and let it resonate with you in your active life. Become aware of that which does not serve you or your purpose, whether it be a habit, thought pattern or possibly a personal relationship.

If meditation alone is not enough, keep a log of your intentions, goals, wishes and desires along with an action plan and achievements to keep you on track in all facets of life.



Living a conscious, truthful and blissful life is a life journey. It is the art of diligence, wisdom and assertion that we must craft in order to know and effectuate that which really serves us. Focus will bring manifestation to the channel of your conscious Om.

Once you go ‘Om”, welcome home.

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