Morning Routine REVAMP!

A morning routine to awaken the mind and body can make all the difference in daily functionality- and with commitment, will elevate overall health.

I will touch on the following: Awakening, nutrition and stress management.




Most of us wake up to the sound of an alarm. The choice of alarm sound can make all the difference in your day. Waking up to a blaring emergency horn will certainly wake you up, but can evoke anxiety and stress. You might even lose sleep if the thought of waking up to that alarm strikes your mind. Chose a subtle alarm, like birds chirping, drums, a waterfall- something that you won’t feel the need to shut off immediately.

Much like in yogic practice, slowly bring consciousness to your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Take a deep breath. Bring your body and mind out of the morning fog. Turn on a light… especially if you wake up before the sun. Our bodies are programmed to shut down with the darkness and rise with the light.

Stretch your still muscles and breathe deeply.




Start the morning, as soon as you can, with 16 ounces (two glasses) of water. This will flush and awaken your digestive tract as well as purify the blood, among many other benefits.

Perform your cleansing/ showering routine after the water. By the time you are finished, you will most likely have urinated & passed a bowel movement. People who suffer from constipation will benefit from this, although it may take more time to have the ‘regularity’ effect every morning.

Protein and fats are important at the beginning of the day. Clean protein and fats in the form of coconut oil, tree nuts, beans, seeds & organic* dairy (Greek yoghurt, kefir, whey & cottage cheese) are the healthiest choices. A quick breakfast can be whipped into a shake with these ingredients in addition to cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, stevia/ raw sugar and fruits to add flavour.  Some fruit at breakfast will allow for quick energy through the natural sugars, as well as add vitamins and minerals to replenish your body’s supply. Add a generous handful of washed spinach to your shakes! You’ll barely know its there.

Brew a cup of green or mint tea, add lemon and sip this with your breakfast.

Coffee drinkers can enjoy a cup with almond milk & stevia or raw sugar, cinnamon, coconut oil or even blend hot with a banana for a sweet frothy boost.


Stress Management


Read a book on a favoured topic while you eat / sip. Have organic, friendly conversation if others are awake, and save your emails, phone calls black friday sale canada goose and other official business for a time slot after your morning routine is complete. Accommodating for generous time in your morning routine makes all the difference. You will wake up more peacefully, enjoy every drop of water, have fun getting ready, and thank your nutrition- all to face the day with a clean body and mind.


With these practiced gems of knowledge come a myriad of benefits; healthy blood pressure levels, body fat loss, pure blood and a positive mentality- just to name a few.

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