The Energy Of October

In some capacity, every one of us is affected by the changing energies that autumn brings with it.

This passage was inspired tonight by a deep conversation with a very close friend.

fall_1“October… The season to shed what is dead. This month is one where spirits are highly present, sense of self becomes unequivocally high and stock is taken for that which we really need in life to sustain us. Leaves will begin to turn vibrantly into their prime just before they die. In many ways, we as humans echo this by the emotions and sensations that we feel. We tend to withdraw, some experience low immunity due to change, and others become emotionally stewed.


October is like the supernova of our calendar year. Explosions of colour, emotion, ideas, visions and recognition of needs. An uncomfortable dispersion of homeostasis and certainty of what was just shortly ago. Energy, once concentrated, is now everywhere as we search for protection; elemental and even deeper still. An unbecoming and evolution from expired existence of matter, habit and energy, into a disconcerting eruption. What is left? The peace and calming which, just shortly, will come from the floating stardust, cycling into new creation.” – Cassandra McIntyre

Whether you feel sick, emotional, needy or inspired to make change, you probably feel a shift in pespective that perfectly mimmicks the theme of fall; release the outdated and unnecessary energies and make way for new experiences…



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