The Studio

The Persona Fitness Studio…

PF-powerrack PF-pullupbar


Versatile Power rack.


PF-punchingbag PF-everlast

Everlast heavy punching + Speed bag.



PF-sandbag PF-olympicbar

Olympic weights & versatile sandbag.



Speedbag + Hand wraps.


Fitness + Cleaning accessories.


PF-cardio PF-elliptical PF-treadmill

Cardio Equipment.

PF-Lighting-showcase PF-showcase

Spacious area for bodyweight training + Beautiful lighting.



PF-Aromatherapy PF-aromadiffusePF-oildiffuse2 PF-oildiffuse3

Top quality pure essential oil of choice diffusing for aromatherpy purposes during sessions.

PF-freeweight PF-accessories2

Accessories varying from freeweights, resistance bands, exercise mats, medicine balls & more…



And a touch of nature.


Experience the exceptional training experience with Persona Fitness today…

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